Muay Thai

Master The Art Of Stand Up Striking In Our Muay Thai Classes

At Embrace Martial Arts we’re offering the best striking instruction around with our high-energy Muay Thai classes in Wake Forest. This dynamic skill set is perfect for self defense, sport, or recreation and is an integral component of mixed martial arts.

For Sport, Self-Defense, or Recreation, Our Muay Thai Classes Have You Covered

There’s simply no better way to learn the pure art of striking. Our Muay Thai classes help you master the strategies of close-range self-defense and maintain control over an opponent with dynamic strikes using punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Plus, you can quickly learn effective clinch work to help you walk away from any situation unharmed. 
Along with Professor Israel Gomes, our very own Joel Garcia contributed to the design of the American Killer Bees Muay Thai curriculum.
Our Muay Thai Classes in Wake Forest are perfect for:
  • Real-world self-defense skills
  • Competition or sport training
  • Total-body strength and endurance
  • Confidence in all aspects of life

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And We’re Helping People Of All Experience Levels Get Fit

Our goal, first and foremost, is to equip you with the best Muay Thai self-defense skills possible. But we’re also here to keep your heart racing and your muscles moving on the path to improved health and wellness. 

Muay Thai training is all about maintaining speed, strength, and balance form any position. With our high-energy workouts, you can accomplish those skills and so much more.

We’re helping men and women across Wake Forest stay motivated week in and week out and walk away feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.

Join us at Embrace Martial Arts for:

  • Sustainable fat burn and healthy weight loss
  • Lean muscle gains and functional strength across your entire body
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Motivation to stay active and challenge your body

Take The First Step Today! Our Muay Thai Classes Have Something For Everyone In Wake Forest!

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